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Lt. Col (res.) Dana Nof served in the Israel Defense Forces for 22 years, including in the IDF Military Advocate General’s Corps, where she filled an array of positions. She retired from the IDF in 2005 and shortly afterwards founded the Dana Nof Law Office.

The firm specializes in military law, and is one of Israel’s leading law firms in this field. Dana’s extensive experience with the military legal system and knowledge of the administrative aspects of the IDF ensure she provides clients with added-value professional solutions.
Areas of Practice
1. IDF Draft Status
Expatriates or their children (“bnei mehagrim”), immigrants and others who unwittingly fall afoul of onerous bureaucratic regulations not infrequently find themselves defined as “draft evaders” (“mishtamtim”) and thus liable to arrest upon returning to or visiting Israel. Dana Nof represents such families both in Israel and abroad, negotiating expatriates’ IDF status and ensuring it is settled prior to their return, so that they do not find themselves detained and remanded into custody upon arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport.
2. IDF Draft and Recruitment Consultancy
Dana Nof provides professional, knowledgeable representation in the draft screening and recruitment processes; obtaining release from or deferment of national service; appealing against dishonorable discharge; and other relevant recruitment and discharge issues.

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3. Military – Criminal
Dana Nof offers a comprehensive range of pertinent legal services to national service and permanent force personnel (commissioned officers, warrant officers and senior NCOs), such as:
• Preparation for Metzah (MP Investigation Unit)
• Detainment and remand hearing representation
• Representation in military courts all over the country regarding indictments for crimes ranging from serious violations of the military code of conduct such as negligence, dereliction of duty, desertion and AWOL, to major crimes such as drug-related offenses, assault, murder, rape, etc.
4. Military – Administrative
Dana Nof represents clients requiring assistance and advice in navigating military law-related procedures such as:
• Disciplinary hearings for relatively minor infractions of military
• Investigating officer and committee hearings
• Complaints and appeals to the IDF Ombudsman
• Requests to join IDF permanent force (including reservists)
• Requests to prematurely terminate military service contract
• “New Appeals Committee” (labor court for soldiers) hearings
• Clemency requests and sentence reduction hearings
• Requests for the transfer of long-term prisoners to civilian facilities
• Controlled substance (Drug) Committee
The Firm’s Strengths
Dana Nof Law Office is a specialized firm and highly dedicated to our clients. The firm distinguishes itself by the personal, quality service every client and case receives, which extends to the immediate family members involved in the process. From the moment the firm takes on a case, we strive to provide our clients with the very highest quality of service.
Contact Information
Main office: Oren Building, 1st floor, 2 PalYam Blvd., Haifa. Tel. +972-4-868-2000
Tel-Aviv Branch: Azrieli Center, Triangle Tower, 28th floor. Tel. +972-3-7360260
Mobile (in case of emergency): +972-50-9100287
e-mail: [email protected]

/or representation at administrative proceedings against the military authorities such as:

  • Negotiating expatriates military dodger’s status, prior to their arrival in Israel.
  • Disciplinary proceedings officer Probe, committees of inquiry
  • Release from mandatory service and/or shortening service include "soldier-student". Denial of service, early (studies) releasing procedures from mandatory service obligation.
  • The new Appeals Committee (labor court for soldiers).   
Dana’s in-depth acquaintance with numerous IDF legal procedures enables her to deal with all aspects of various military committees, such as committee to review penalty ("third-term and a half-term committees"), 210 committee (Transfer prisoners to civil detention), The drug committee, A committee to allow releasing of mandatory service obligations (also "soldier-student"). Release Commission as part of "intermediate age" (arguments before qualified IDF Personnel Directorate), impeachment committee, suspension, transfer function, track appointment cancellation. Handling shortens of criminal record period, prior to recruitment and during military service.
Claims of IDF disabled soldiers
Representation of all security forces (IDF soldiers, Police forces, etc.) and submitting an initial claim to rehabilitation department at the Defense Ministry due to illness / injury disability law (rehabilitation benefits).
  • Representation, advising before medical board committees and appeals. 
  • Filing claims for disability worsening and / or endorsed disability
  • Representing bereaved families and disabled soldiers in the proceedings before the District Court appeal committees against the Ministry of Defense
  • Representing bereaved families against the officer of compensations according to the law of  families of soldiers which were killed in battle
  • Filing appeals to the "Lamed" (grace) committee, where the law does not allow granting recognition.
Inheritance law and family law
Prenuptial Agreement and Financial agreements within the family, Cohabiting agreement (common-law),
Divorce agreements, Preparing wills, Obtaining probate order and others.
More about Dana Nof
MBA graduate, BA in Behavioral Sciences and LL.B. Completed residency in Family Court in Haifa with Justice Shoshanna Berger. Rank Major in the reserves duty, volunteering for duty as military defense attorney, member of: Haifa District's Bar Association, Israel Bar Association's Military Committee of the,, Israel Society for Peace and Security Council. Member of Haifa's Rotary Club and Society (Mediation Committee Chairman, Chairman of the absorption committee, Honorary Secretary)